Mark Træxs embarked on his journey through the realm of electronic music in the late 1990s, initially making his mark as a rock singer and guitarist. As time progressed, he evolved into a multifaceted artist, seamlessly transitioning into the roles of a seasoned producer and accomplished composer.

With a career marked by noteworthy collaborations, Mark's creative prowess caught the attention of international luminaries, including the renowned Indian Rapper Punjabi MC. Additionally, he showcased his musical versatility by assuming the role of DJ and Keyboardist for Daisy Dee, the former esteemed host of VIVA TV's  "Club Rotation."

Mark's artistic trajectory is underscored by a rich tapestry of experiences, having been an integral part of various rock bands, witnessing numerous album releases, and embarking on extensive tours across international landscapes. However, it was in late 2018 that Mark decided to channel his unwavering passion for electronic music, leading to a revitalized focus on producing electronic compositions. His inimitable blend of Classic Techno, Trance, and Melodic Techno serves as a hallmark of his musical identity.

In a decisive move that attests to his commitment to musical innovation, Mark Træxs founded "Liquid Brain Records" in 2021. This platform stands as a testament to his dedication to shaping the electronic music landscape and providing a haven for likeminded artists.

Beyond the studio, Mark's fervor for live performance and DJ-ing remains palpable. He derives immense gratification from orchestrating electrifying live sets, witnessing firsthand the euphoria that emanates from the crowd as they synchronize their energy with his meticulously crafted beats, sounds, and technical finesse.

In Mark's own words, "The symbiotic exchange of energy between the music and the audience is an unparalleled source of inspiration. It's a privilege to create an immersive sonic experience that resonates so profoundly with listeners."                                                 Mark Træxs continues to be a driving force in the electronic music domain, his journey defined by an unwavering commitment to artistic excellence and an unrelenting passion for pushing the boundaries of musical expression.


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